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Where Ownership Pays You Back

At Empyreal Jet, we're not just redefining luxury travel; we're revolutionizing the economics of private aviation. Introducing our groundbreaking Fractional Ownership Program – a first-of-its-kind opportunity that's designed to save you money.

Why Choose Empyreal Jet?

Zero Management Fees

Forget the traditional model of fractional jet programs that nickel and dime you with management fees. With Empyreal Jet, we eliminate these costs, putting the focus squarely on your convenience.

The sky from flight

Industry-Best Hourly Rates

When it comes to flying, our owners enjoy rates that are significantly lower. Luxury and exclusivity have never been this accessible. 

Your Time, Your Money, Your Jet

Let us show you how our Fractional Ownership Program isn't just a path to unparalleled luxury and convenience but a savvy financial decision. Give us 15 minutes, and we'll demonstrate why Empyreal Jet is beyond comparison – the best program in the business.

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